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Special investment conditionson Prime accounts!*

  • Мinimum deposited amount: 100 USD.
  • Credit line up to 1:100.
  • Spread: from 0 pips.
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* - The offer is valid until the end of 2021.

Invest in Indiceson exclusive conditions

  • Spread for DE40 index is from 0 pips.
  • Commission is from 4 USD for the investment volume of 1 million USD.
  • Minimum lot and step are 0.01.
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RM Investment Bank Bonus Programs

All bonuses and promotions

RM Investment Bank provides for its clients best promotional offers on financial markets.

Start investing with RM Investment Bank now and unleash the powerful benefits!

  • Profit Share Bonus
    up to 60%

    • Bonus up to 20,000 USD.
    • Can be used during "drawdown".
    • Deposit from 100 USD.
    • Withdraw the profit received when invest your own funds.
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  • Classic bonus
    up to 120%

    • Bonus up to 50,000 USD.
    • Сan’t be used during "drawdown".
    • Deposit from 100 USD.
    • Invest with bonus funds and withdraw the profit.
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  • Cashback (Rebates)
    up to 15%

    • Receive Cashback for the investment volume of just 10 lots.
    • Available for all verified clients.
    • Receive real money as Cashback and withdraw it instantly.
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Account Types

All account types
  • First deposit
  • Execution type
  • Spreads
  • Instruments
  • Bonuses
  • Platforms

Investment Platforms

  • The most popular platform for investing on the foreign currency market, which includes a knowledge database, investment robots, and indicators.

    • 3 types of order execution
    • 9 time frames for investment
    • 50 integrated indicators for technical analysis
    • Variety of order types
  • The latest version of MetaTrader platform with an opportunity to choose between netting and hedging systems.

    • 4 types of order execution
    • Multi-currency tester
    • Market depth
    • 6 types of pending orders

RM Investment Bank Investment Platforms

  • Multi-asset web-based investment platform with the fastest in the industry financial charts and advanced technical analysis tools.

    • Over 10,000 Stocks, Indices, FX, ETFs.
    • Minimum deposit: 100 USD.
    • Investment robots builder. No programming skills required.
Investment Platforms Center

7 Asset Classes

Discover the world’s key markets through RM Investment Bank accounts and platforms.

  • Currency pairs

    We offer transparent and reliale access to investing in FX with more than 40 currency pairs

    Currency Pairs Investing Benefits
    • Institutional spreads from 0 points
    • MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, R StocksTrader platforms
    • Credit line: up to 1:100
    • Fastest execution possible
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  • Stocks

    Access to more than 10,000 stocks through R StocksTrader platform and more than 50 via MetaTrader 4/5 terminals

    Stocks Investing Benefits
    • Minimum deposit: 100 USD
    • Free stock exchange market data online
    • Credit line: up to 1:20
    • MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, R StocksTrader platforms
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  • Indices

    In its most regularly invested format, an index is defined as a portfolio of stocks that represents a particular market or market sector

    Indices Investing Benefits
    • MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, R StocksTrader platforms
    • Tight spreads - no mark up
    • Credit line: up to 1:100
    • Over 10 instruments
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  • ETFs

    Invest in fast-growing global ETF industry with over $3 trillion in assets in management

    ETFs Investing Benefits
    • Minimum deposit: 100 USD
    • R StocksTrader platform
    • Credit line: up to 1:20
    • Сorporate events supported and handled by the system automatically
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  • Soft Commodities

    Invest in ETFs on grown commodities such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, corn, wheat, soybean, fruit

    Soft Commodities Investing Benefits
    • Minimum deposit: 100 USD
    • R StocksTrader platform
    • Over 100 instruments
    • Credit line: up to 1:20
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  • Energies

    Invest in CFDs and commodity ETFs on energy market including oil, natural gas, heating oil, ethanol and purified terephthalic acid

    Energies Investing Benefits
    • Tight spreads
    • MetaTrader4, R StocksTrader platforms
    • Ideal instrument for day investors
    • Minimum deposit: 100 USD
    • Credit line: up to 1:100
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  • Metals

    Invest in CFDs and commodity ETFs on precious metals including gold, platinum, palladium, silver as well as Gold/Dollar and Silver/Dollar pairs.

    Metals Investing Benefits
    • Hedge against political instability and dollar weakness
    • Minimum deposit: 100 USD
    • MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, R StocksTrader platforms
    • Credit line: up to 1:100
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When our clients deposit their investment accounts, the commission is always 0%. RM Investment Bank covers all expenses. Choose the payment system according to your convenience, not cost effectiveness.

RM Investment Bank also compensates its clients' commission for funds withdrawal twice a month.

  • Automatic withdrawal system: withdrawals within a minute for certain payment methods
  • System works 24/7
  • Simple, reliable, and fast

RM Investment Bank Market Analytics

EURUSD is running out of steam. Overview for 07.12.2021
EURUSD remains under pressure; market players are cautiously selling.
The Aussie is rising. Overview for 07.12.2021
AUDUSD keeps rebounding; the RBA is consistent in its decisions.
Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 07.12.2021 (EURUSD, USDJPY)
EURUSD is consolidating before another rising impulse, while USDJPY is correcting upwards.

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  • Claws & Horns is an independent analytical company providing brokers with a set of necessary analytical tools.

  • FxWirePro™ is a leading analytical company, which provides the participants of financial markets with research reports in the real-time mode.

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