The group consists of RoboMarkets Ltd, RoboMarkets LLC, RM Investment Bank Ltd and RFund.

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The chart shows data on the number of investment accounts opened at RM Investment Bank.

  • RM Investment Bank Ltd

    Investment bank with the license at Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA) No. 210138BI. The company was established in 2019.

  • RoboMarkets Ltd

    RoboMarkets Ltd, a multi-asset broker, is a European company regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), license No 191/13. The company was founded in 2012.

  • RoboMarkets LLC

    The company is an official representative of RoboForex brand in the Republic of Belarus. RoboMarkets LLC has the certificate No. 15 dated 08.04.2019 issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

  • RFund

    RFund AIFLNP V.C.I.C. Ltd is an Alternative Investment Fund based in Limassol, Cyprus and regulated by CySEC under the license N. LPAIF118/2014.

About RM Investment Bank

RM Investment Bank Ltd is a member of RoboMarkets Group, which has been operating since 2009. Bank is regulated by the Labuan FSA, license No. 210138BI.

From the moment of its foundation, RM Investment Bank Ltd has always been focused on providing best conditions using innovative technologies and many years of experience. RM Investment Bank Ltd is an investment bank, which offers 7 asset types and more than 10,000 instruments for investing. We’re very proud of a variety of services we provide our clients and partners with, which are of the same quality for all, regardless their experience and amount of their investments.

RM Investment Bank Ltd regulation

RM Investment Bank Ltd is an investment bank, which is a member of RoboMarkets Group.

    • Labuan FSA

      RM Investment Bank Ltd is regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA), license No. 210138BI.

      Labuan FSA’s key role is to license and regulate licensed entities operating within Labuan IBFC and to ensure all such entities remain in compliance with the internal and international best standards adopted by the jurisdiction.

Current sponsorship

The official sponsor of a Muay Thai fighter and a world kickboxing champion, Andrei Kulebin

Past sponsorship

"Starikovich-Heskes Team"
sponsorship at the Dakar 2017

Winner of more than 10 prestigious awards

RoboMarkets Group was recognized by the most respected experts of the financial industry.

More than 800,000 clients from 169 countries.

  • Best Investment Products (Global)

    Global Brands Magazine Awards
  • Most Trusted

    International Business Magazine Awards
  • Best Investment

    IAFT Awards

Security of Clients' Funds

Your funds are completely secure when you investing with RM Investment Bank.


    Global Company

    RM Investment Bank is a bank and a member of RoboMarkets Group.


    Negative balance protection

    In case the market volatility prevents clients from keeping a positive balance on their accounts, RM Investment Bank automatically sets the balance to zero.


    Regulated activity

    RM Investment Bank is regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA), license No. 210138BI.


    Segregated accounts

    RM Investment Bank keeps the Company’s funds separately from its clients’ funds, thus guaranteeing that they are safe and secure from any unlawful use.

Exclusive investment platforms and technologies

Taking into account the needs of nowadays investors, RM Investment Bank developed investment platforms especially for its clients. Along with the most popular platforms in the industry, they offer a great deal of terminals for comfortable investing.

Exclusive investment platforms and technologies
  • A multi-asset web-based investment platform with the fastest financial charts in the industry and advanced tools for technical analysis.

  • Free and easy-to-use module, which allows retail clients to create, backtest, and apply algorithmic investment strategies without having any programming skills.

Leading platforms in the industry

  • MetaTrader4 is the most popular platform on the foreign currency market, which includes a lot of informational materials, investment robots, and indicators.

  • The latest version of MetaTrader with an opportunity to choose from netting/hedging systems.

The Company’s business profile

Head officeOffice 6 (B), Financial Park, Labuan, Malaysia
Marketing officeNo-2A, Jalan Angerrik Vanilla 31/94, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
RegulationRM Investment Bank is regulated by the Labuan FSA, license No. 210138BI.
Liquidity providers2
Investment instrumentsMore than 10,000
Asset types7 (Currency pairs, Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Commodities, Energies, Metals)
Investment platforms3 (MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, R StocksTrader)

    24/7 Online support

    A professional team that works in RM Investment Bank Live Support is ready to answer your questions in 7 languages.


    0% commission

    For our clients, the commission for depositing funds is always 0%, withdrawal without commission twice a month.


    7 asset classes

    Get access to the world’s largest markets by means of RM Investment Bank accounts and platforms.


    Popular base currency

    Cooperate with the Company using the most popular currency, USD, as the base one.