Online course on investing in NASDAQ and NYSE stocks

RM Investment Bank introduces a free video course on investing in stocks on NASDAQ and NYSE stock exchanges. Using these video tutorials, you will find out about basic definitions and investment instruments on the stock market, go deep into data analysis, and learn how to create investment strategies.

Serge Berger

Serge Berger

Serge Berger has been a professional trader since 1998; he’s a an investment strategist at In the videos, Serge shares his methodology of market behavior analysis, tells how not to let your emotions overrun you, and teaches how to choose more efficient strategies in different situations.

Is this course for you?

The course is intended for investors with different level of experience on financial market. In the first part, you will learn about basic definitions and terms of the security market. In the following parts, there will be analytical reviews of widespread investment approaches and popular instruments.

Video course on investing in NASDAQ and NYSE stocks Created by RoboForex (CY) Ltd

Language: English

To quickly check how the strategies described in our videos can be put into practice, you will require a demo or real account.

Part 1. Introduction to the stock market:

  • What is necessary for investing stocks.
  • What stocks to choose.
  • Sectors and groups.
  • Stocks vs Forex. Pros and Cons.

Part 2. Working with R StocksTrader platform and technical analysis:

  • Multi-asset platform R StocksTrader.
  • Technical analysis (part 1).
  • Technical analysis (part 2).
  • Technical analysis (part 3).

Part 3. Investment strategies:

  • Swing investment – technical analysis.
  • Swing investment strategy (part 1).
  • Swing investment strategy (part 2).
  • Day investment strategy (part 1).
  • Day investment strategy (part 2).

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