Affiliate payouts

Receive affiliate commission on a daily basis without any limitations on the payout amount.

Increase your payouts with our Loyalty program

Every month, we pay an additional percentage of your affiliate commission. Within frameworks of our Loyalty program, it is transferred to you automatically.

  • Your profit 500 - 5,000 USD
    5% Payout up to 250 USD
  • Your profit 5,000 - 15,000 USD
    10% Payout up to 1,500 USD
  • Your profit 15,000 - 30,000 USD
    15% Payout up to 4,500 USD
  • Your profit more than 30,000 USD
    20% Payout starting from 6,000 USD

Example of Affiliate commission calculation

You attracted 500 clients
Their total investment volume in EURUSD in 500 lots. 500 * 13 = 6,500 USD

(6,500 * 0,5) * 1.05 = 3,412.50 USD

Bank revenue*

50% revenue share

5% Loyalty program

Your profit

Receive even more payouts with Affiliate accounts

Your attracted clients may invest on special Affiliate accounts with increased markup, which will increase your profit by 1.8 times in comparison with standard accounts.

Pro-AffiliateECN Affiliate



ECN Affiliate

Execution mode
 Market Execution
 Market Execution
 from 2.4 pips
 from 0 pips
Affiliate commission rate
Commission for investment volume of 1 million USD
 No commission
 60 USD
Available instruments
 28 currency pairs, Metals
 36 currency pairs, Metals

How to become a partner of RM Investment Bank?


    Open an affiliate account in your Members Area.


    Get access to RM Investment Bank marketing materials.


    Attract clients and receive payouts.