Soft commodities

Invest into ETFs on soft commodities: cocoa, coffee, corn, wheat, sugar, soybean, and fruit.


    Minimum deposit is 200 USD

    You can start trading with only 200 USD on your account.


    Leverage is up to 1:20

    Trade soft commodities with the leverage value up to 1:20.


    More than 100 ETFs on soft commodity markets

    CAFE, CORN, SGAR, SOYB, and other ETFs on soft commodities.


    Cutting-edge trading platform

    Trade through the innovative generation R Trader.

The most popular ETFs on soft commodities


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Innovative trading platform

Investments into ETFs on soft commodities is available through R Trader, a new generation platform with high-functional charts and online quotes.

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  • Minimum deposit is just 200 USD
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Soft commodities are very popular among traders and include different types of agricultural products, such as cocoa, coffee, corn, wheat, or soybean. Soft commodities are traded in accordance with their production systems. Core market indicators depend on trading tendencies, reports on crops, auction sales, international economic news, and even news relating to the weather.

Investments into soft commodities are very well suitable for the traders, who are looking for efficient instruments to diversify their investment portfolios. Such types of agricultural products as coffee, wheat, sugar, or cotton are very popular in trading for thousands of years, and they are still in great demand these days. RoboMarkets Asia offers more than 100 ETFs on different soft commodities, including the ones that were mentioned above.